Egyptian emeralds


Egyptian Emeralds are an exotic set of slot machine gemstones that have been known to be very useful in casinos across the world. These colorful gems can also be found on other slot machines around the world and players should check out which version they are in before placing their bets. The Egyptians were the first people to use Emeralds in gambling. In fact, according to one account, the ancient pharaohs placed precious gems like Emeralds in their tombs to keep their souls protected from evil spirits. It is said that the spirits of these Egyptian gods were trapped inside the Emeralds, keeping them from going back to their rightful resting places.

The royal Egyptian symbols of power, prosperity, fertility, and honor adorn the sides of this slot machine, making them uniquely suited to the Egyptian culture. The other-than-usual look of the Egyptian Emeralds slot machine also hints at the idea that ancient aliens had some assistance in building this technological advancement. Green, blue, red, and yellow flashing icons fill the five-by-seven slot matrix, each embossed by a unique set of symbols found on other slot machines designed around Ancient Egypt. This ancient slot machine sport a high-low payback rate, making it one of the most reliable casino options on the market today. With its generous credit limit, there’s no reason not to play this slot machine right now!

The slot-playing game of Egyptian Emeralds is quite unique because of its use of symbols from several other slot games. These symbols are arranged in a way that is only seen in the game of Egyptian Emeralds, making it difficult for other machines to calculate win rates with any kind of standardization. However, despite the unique design of the symbols, the paylines still follow a predictable pattern. The exact payout percentages will always be the same, as well.