Charms & Clovers


It is a well-known fact that Charms & Clovers are one of the most popular casino games today. Many players love this casino game because it allows them to win more than what they can afford to lose. It also has an Irish-themed with lovely graphics. When you play this classic slot game you may be luckier with the Charms & Clovers bonus slot machine, and you may be able to win not just the main game but also the extra progressive jackpots as well. But before you get all excited by all the juicy jackpots you could win by playing the Charms & Clovers slot machine, you need to learn more about the game itself so you know exactly how to play it well and get the most out of it.

This casino game operates the same way as the original and uses five reels arranged in a four by four patterns. The original Charms & Clovers used real money and used real coin values for taglines and icons. These tokens are what you will use to buy charms and the real money slot machines that contain real money are called paylines. When you place your bet you will need to pay a penny and then pay another penny to start the reels and when you want to stop the reels you will pay a final penny.

The game has received a number of twists and turns, like all good casino games and the latest is called the caveman bonus. This feature allows casino players to select Charms & Clovers that have real money values on them. The downside to this feature is that the Charms that have real money on them will require you to pay a much higher minimum investment. But on the other hand, the changes that have been made to the way the Charms work means that many people find it much easier to win with this progressive jackpot machine than they were used to with the original versions. It is one of those rare progressive slot machines that has a genuine chance of paying out a big jackpot and that’s why many casino players continue to play it in order to claim their share of this wonderful prize.